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Coffee machines - Superior - Koro Espresso

Superior category coffee machines are fully automatic higher capacity machines suitable for mid-sized companies where a wide assortment of high quality beverages is demanded. Beverages are prepared from fresh or dehydrated milk. You can’t go wrong with any of these machines.

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Koro Espresso

The Koro Espresso is a professional espresso machine using dehydrated milk. It not only provides incredible espressos, but also offers customers milk specialties and hot water for tea. It's ideal for small to mid sized offices, meeting rooms, small cafes and restaurants. 

30 (ideal for companies with 30 and more employees)

We recommend

Angel´s Choice is a perfectly balanced blend of Arabica from Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and India. It’s a coffee that will surprise you with its full body and incredibly luscious angelic flavor. This coffee will leave a deep impression in you.

Caffé Montenero Angel´s Choice More

Detailed specification

  • Beverage choice: espresso, large espresso, espresso with milk, caffe latte, cappuccino, hot milk, hot water
  • Ingredients: Caffè Montenero – coffee beans (1000g), dehydrated milk
  • Connection: water tank / connection to watermains
  • Possibility of cooperation: rental/sale


  • Simple operation
  • Integrated coffee grinder
  • Pre-brew coffee system
  • Automatic cleaning system