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Coffee machines - De Luxe - Siro Classic

De Luxe category represents the best amont the best: high capacity professional machines that provide ‘Café bistro’ quality beverages. Whether you are looking for speciality beverages (cappuccinos, café lattes, machiatos) made from fresh or dehydrated milk, or beverages made with Dutch chocolate, we have the right machine for you. These machines feature touch-screen and interactive menus. Amazing machines that provide flawless beverages.

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Siro Classic

This highly professional machine is equipped with an interactive LCD wide screen display for ease of use. Featuring a selection of over 14 beverages, your employees will simply love this machine. You will love its design, high capacity hoppers and outstanding performance.

50 (ideal for companies with 50 and more employees)
Siro Classic Siro Classic

We recommend

This mountain coffee is drenched in equatorial sun and it will surprise you with its richness of flavor. This Mexican coffee is grown at high altitudes (1000m above sea level) resulting in a full-bodied espresso abounding in flavour.


Detailed specification

  • Beverage choice: espresso, double espresso, filtered coffee, cappuccino, caffe latte, hot chocolate, French chocolate, Caprimo (flavored cappuccino), mochaccino, hot water
  • Ingredients: Caffè Montenero – coffee beans (1000g), dehydrated milk, powdered chocolate, flavored cappuccino
  • Connection: connection to watermains
  • Possibility of cooperation: rental/sale


  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Modern LCD display
  • Possibility of adjusting beverage strength, adding milk
  • CoExTM brewer prepares espressos and filtered coffee