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Coffee machines - Basic - Saeco Royal Professional

These automatic machines are ideal for home and small offices where a basic choice of beverages is required. Despite the fact that these machines are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, they prepare amazing coffees.

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Saeco Royal Professional

The Royal Professional makes gourmet espressos, cappuccinos and lattes in seconds. Use the built-in Cappuccinatore to froth fresh milk straight into your cup. This is an outstanding little machine that’s sure to make you smile.

20 (ideal for companies with 20 and more employees)
Saeco Royal Professional Saeco Royal Professional Saeco Royal Professional

We recommend

Caffè Montenero Supremo. It’s a delicious coffee with light nuances of cocoa and vanilla. A true delight.

Caffé Montenero Supremo More

Detailed specification

  • Beverage choice: espresso (3 sizes), cappuccino, hot water, steam
  • Ingredients: Caffè Montenero – coffee beans (1000g), fresh milk optional
  • Water source: water tank or connected to watermains
  • Possibility of cooperation: rental/sale


  • Fully automatic machine
  • Possibility to prepare 2 cups of coffee at once
  • Cappuccinatore for foaming milk
  • Integrated grinder with adjustable fineness of coffee grind
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Digital display for easy device operation
  • Warming surface for heating up cups