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Coffee machines - Basic - Mundo Choc

These automatic machines are ideal for home and small offices where a basic choice of beverages is required. Despite the fact that these machines are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, they prepare amazing coffees.

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Mundo Choc

Are you sometimes in the mood for a cup of decadent Swedish hot chocolate? … and need it in a hurry? Look no further. The Mundo Choc is a chocolate only machine that will satisfy your urges in under 10 seconds.

10 (ideal for companies with 10 and more employees)
Mundo Choc Mundo Choc Mundo Choc

We recommend

Powdered chocolate Van Houtten.
A well-balanced hot-chocolate with a rich full flavor of cocoa and milk.

Detailed specification

  • Beverage choice: hot chocolate (2 sizes), carafe, hot water
  • Ingredients: instant chocolate
  • Water source: fixed connection to watermains
  • Possibility of cooperation: rental


  • Simple operation and maintenance, fast cleaning
  • Small dimensions suitable also for tiny spaces
  • Sensor for overflowing in the drip tray
  • Digital display