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Coffee machines - Basic - Bravilor

These automatic machines are ideal for home and small offices where a basic choice of beverages is required. Despite the fact that these machines are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance, they prepare amazing coffees.

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The Bravilor brews delicious fresh coffee quickly into a thermos equipped with a vacuum pump. Such thermoses are specifically designed to preserve freshness and flavour for a long time.
An ideal choice when you need to serve large amounts of coffee for meetings or events.

Bravilor Bravilor

We recommend

Caffe Montenero Filtro Supremo 80g
Individual coffee packages portioned to brew a pot of magnificent coffee.

Detailed specification

  • Choice of beverages: filtered regular coffee
  • Ingredients: Caffè Montenero – ground coffee (80g or 1000g packaging)
  • Water source: water tank or connection to watermains
  • Possibility of cooperation: rental/sale


  • easy operation
  • minimal maintenance
  • quiet and fast operation
  • single-use paper filters
  • a large 2.2 liter thermos