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Emotional Collection

"Discover the angel or devil in you."

Předchozí Caffé Montenero Angel´s Choice

Caffé Montenero Angel´s Choice

Do you believe in Angels? This blend combines simply the best single-origin coffees to create a taste of heaven in your cup. Without any doubt, this coffee is an incredibly well-balanced blend that will suit all who dare to enjoy this exquisite nectar. Delight in its delicate and velvety taste with hints of spices, cocoa and amaretto.

logo Caffé Montenero Angel´s Choice

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The Siro is an ideal choice for your office. With the patended CoEx™ brewer, enjoy espresso beverages and filtered coffees from this gorgeous machine.

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Detailed description

  • Caffè Montenero Angel´s Choice (bean 1000g)
  • Coffee quality : 100% Arabica
  • Taste profile: full body, fruity undertones
  • Roasting: medium